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Mikael Sharafyan
Costume Designer
Mikael Sharafyan, the founder of Sharaff, Inc., is an award winning costume designer and entrepreneur. Mikael was born into a family of artists and entertainers. His debut as a costume designer was in 2008, when he designed for a musical “Can Can” for the FIDM Debut Show. It would go on to perform at the President Barak Obama’s inaugural ball in Washington, D.C. In 2014, Mikael joined the I.A.T.S.E. Costume Designers Guild Local 892. The historical Fine Arts Club of Pasadena honored Mikael with a solo art exhibition in 2013 at the prestigious Athenaeum at Caltech. He was the first costume designer to achieve such an honor in the club’s 100 year history. Mikael’s personal history and love for the arts has factored into his professional and personal development. He considers costume design a craft akin to sculpting and painting, where the artist is handcrafting individual works of art, taking his needle to sew with the same precision a sculptor would take a chisel to marble.


Mikael Sharafyan has dedicated his life to the arts and is a follower of classic Hollywood traditions. He prefers to illustrate his own costumes to complement the mood of each story, with a unique approach tailored to each project. His range as an artist is vast - building on his experience in designing for both film and stage.


Mikael is one of the most versatile, budget savvy costume designers in Hollywood. He designs in all genres - contemporary, period, fantasy, sci-fi, horror - all with the skill and modesty of a dedicated professional. Whatever the task, it is always undertaken and completed with the same painstaking care, no matter what the subject or the purpose. Story telling through costumes is his passion, but being a team player is his strength and priority.

Fun Fact!

Mikael Sharafyan starred in a lead role in an award winning movie “The Bride From Vegas”. He co-starred with Charlene Rose, Sally Kirkland, and his father Levon Sharafyan. In 2017 Mikael became a recipient of the Best Actor award at the Glendale International Film Festival and a recognition from Assembly member Laura Friedman. Click the image above to view the movie on Amazon!

What do people say?

Mikael Sharafyan, whom I’ve worked with 3 times is the best costume designer I’ve ever worked with in films. He's brilliant. He knows exactly how to build a character with wardrobe.

Sally Kirkland, Best Actress Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe winner

What do people say?

I have worked with Mika on five films! It’s the repeat visits that show the trust. I care about what I wear on film. And Mikael Sharafyan and I have done all sorts of movies together...From period pieces to casual to elegant to character to docudrama. He is a lovely person, a non-ending worker and someone I’d like to do every show with. Everyone who works with him feels that way.

Eric Roberts, Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominee

What do people say?

Mikael is one of the hardest working and most creative costume designers I have worked with in a very long time. He is always coming up with new and interesting ideas on how to better the look of the project, has a wonderful ability to communicate with the cast and make them feel completely comfortable in whatever needs to be done, and is always able to collaborate with the other departments in order to achieve the creative vision of the project. There is another advantage to working with Mikael, and that is his ability to create a budget and stay on track with it throughout the life of the project. He is very cost conscious and will work tirelessly to find better deals and better ways of handling purchases and rentals during prep. As a producer, this is something that you hope for but rarely find in designers and this, combined with his great attitude, makes Mikael a highly valued member of my team. Many times producers will discuss whether or not a designer is “The Right Fit” for a project. I believe Mikael will be working for a very long time in this business as I think he is “The Right Fit” for just about anything that comes his way. He will always have my highest endorsement and recommendation.

Tony Adler, 1st AD, producer

What do people say?

I have had the pleasure of working with Mikael Sharafyan, costume designer, on the film “Lost and Found in Armenia". He is extremely creative and passionate about his work. He utilizes his designs and colors to create full characters, which add to the world. Mikael’s precision in his work, made “Dirty Bomb” an authentic flashback into World War II and allowed the actors to fully embody their characters. Superb work!

Valerie McCaffrey, producer, director, casting director

What do people say?

I have been very fortunate as an actress to work with the exceptionally talented costume designer Mikael Sharafyan more than once in recent years. Not only is he an artist with an artist’s eye, but he has a passion to be a team with the actor, director and writer to fully bring the characters to life from the page to the screen, no matter the budget nor time constraints. Mikael is also one of the kindest, most personable gentlemen I’ve ever known. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

Lee Purcell, Emmy Nominee


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